About Us

Who We Are?

Our facility was established in 2003. We have since been in business continuously for nearly a decade and buildup a contented clientele thorough our tireless Endeavors We are leaders in repairing accident damaged vehicles by use of state of art repair kits. We are proud to say that the clients who came to use the beginning are still with us. We under at take all repairs to vehicle covered by any insurance company operating in Sri Lanka. There are government institution, privet sector institution and professional clients working in higher positions of the government and corporate sectors. On our hard way to reach our present millstone our main medium of publicity has been the word of mouth of our contented clientele

Accident Repair

We are doing accident repires for all kind of vehicals.

Body Paint

We are doing quality and fast boday paints.

Art Kits

We are applying arts kits for vehicals.

Fast Service

We are doing fast and clean service.

Our Objective

It is our priority to provide solutions to automobile owners numerous problems. There have sprung up an umpteen number of garages competent of handling repairing state – of the art automobiles. But automobile owners are compelled to fret out and wasting energy in choosing a garage to give them the optimum service and money's value owing to high price estimate and no guarantees for quick delivery. Some garages do repair cheap, but the customers soon get tired due to lack of state of art equipment to handle new model vehicles, non-availability of professional and trained technical staff, organizational efficiency and devotion to customers. Our objective is to fill the gap between the average and old-fashioned service garages and the high sounding, high cost engineering joints setup to carter to the tastes of the elite society. So the hall-marks or our service are attention to details of body and engine, dispensing a service with trust and a job well done to your satisfaction